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Patients are welcome to register as an NHS patient with the practice provided they live within our catchment area and will be resident for over 3 months.
The reason we have a limited catchment area is because being registered on our practice list means that we are responsible for your care in emergency situations.

If a visit to a home was required this could become difficult when balancing the needs of patients in the locality.
Click on this link to see if you live within the practices catchment area.

All newly registering patients will be asked to complete a questionnaire and will be asked to make an appointment for a health check with our Health Care Assistant.
If you are in the area for less than three months you may be able to receive treatment on a temporary basis.

If you wish to register with our practice please print off the questionnaire and registration form for each person that wishes to register or alternatively, ask at reception for the relevant forms.

For children under 5 years of age please complete the Childs Questionnaire form only.

Download New Patient Questionnaire
Childs Questionnaire
Download New Patient Registration Form

Surgery Information Leaflet

Surgery Information Leaflet – Large Print

The form will ask you for personal details such as your name, address, date of birth, telephone number, previous address and previous doctor. With effect from 1st October 2017 additional questions must be answered by patients who are not ordinarily resident in the UK.

In order to help prevent fraud within the NHS we also require you to provide two means of identification for each person. One that preferable contains a photograph for proof of identity and one showing your address. Allowable documents are driving license, birth/marriage certificate, passport, paid utility bills, bank statements, Benefits Agency book, P45 etc.

Once you are registered with the practice your medical records will be requested from your previous surgery. This can sometimes take several weeks to complete but we now have the additional option of requesting your records electronically via a system called GP2GP. The main advantage of this system is improved care for our patients as the GP can have full and detailed medical records available to them within 24 hrs of a patient registering. The records are transferred directly between the practices and remain secure and confidential at all times.

Charges for NHS Treatment
Whilst you can register with the GP practice as an NHS patient and see the GP without charge, you should be aware that not every person is entitled to NHS care free of charge in England.
You may provide information about your chargeable statues at various points within the NHS, including registering with this GP practice. This information is stored on the NHS database, and shared with trained administrators, so that your chargeable status can be confirmed as soon as possible.

We may need to check your immigration status with the Home Office. We may need to share EHIC, Provisional Replacement Certificates and S1 form details with the Department for Work and Pensions and your home country (EEA only). We may also need to share some information more widely to prevent crime, including fraud.

Even if you are generally chargeable, you can still receive the following services free:
Seeing your GP or practice nurse for any reason
– Being tested for most suspected infectious diseases and treated for them of the test is positive
– Family planning services (contraception)
– Treatment for sexually transmitted infection
– Treatment given at an Accident and Emergency unit (but not once admitted to hospital)
– Treatment of a condition caused by FGM, torture, sexual or domestic violence (unless you have come to the UK to see this care)

Accessing NHS Services