Clinical Research

In order to help the NHS keep improving the surgery team are very keen to promote research into which treatments work best . In conjunction with the University of Southampton we are becoming increasingly involved in clinical trials and will shortly be joined by a highly experienced research nurse to work alongside our GP research lead, Dr Anna Lalonde.

We will sometimes use electronic records to perform searches for specific conditions and you may be identified as a potential study candidate by this method which means that you may be approached to participate in a clinical trial.  Your participation in a clinical trial is going to be greatly appreciated and make a difference, however, should you choose not to after being approached, we apologise in advance and thank you for giving it some consideration. If you let us know of your decision not to participate a code can be added to your medical record to avoid us approaching you again in the future.
We assure you that participating is voluntary and you can withdraw at any point during the trial.

Most Clinical trials require the collection and storage of personal data, so just to reassure you, all identifiable study data such as signed consent forms are stored in a secure place. Your confidentiality is also ensured by the use of initials and numbers only on research material.  Any other documentation that is required to leave the practice is anonymised to remove any information that could identify you personally.

Current projects include:

  • Early indicators for breast or colorectal cancer
  • Alternative treatments for urine infections
  • Internet management of Asthma
  • Home BP monitoring
  • Bath emoliant use in atopic excema
  • Morning v evening antihypertensive treatment