Medical Advice

You are probably already aware of how easy it is to get information about illnesses and diseases off the internet which is why we have put together this page to help you get access to some of the best information possible.

Please use the internet for health information with extreme caution. Many web sites are international and mention some services and treatments that are just not available in the UK. Also beware that much health information is sponsored by the people who market treatments.

Who Can Help?

Urgent Care Guide
Self Care –
Helping people take care of themselves.

Advice for parents

Healthier Together is a very useful website with advice on a wide range of topics including pregnancy, common childhood symptoms, advice on whether to keep your child home from school, where to find the help you need etc.

Advice for Students

There is now a free student health app providing reliable health information for students. Click here for more information.

Emergency Contraception

If you have had unprotected sex and are worried that you might be pregnant guidance can be found here.

Emergency Contraception

Chest Infections

The truth about chest infections, coughs and antibiotics. Read here

First Aid Kit

The link below will take you to the NHS Choices website which has a useful list of what to keep in stock in your own home and advice on how to treat some common ailments.

NHS Self Care Advice

Medical Conditions

It is estimated that each GP spends approx one hour of each day advising patients on minor ailments that will get better by themsleves.
Please help yourself by following the advise on NHS Direct before you ask to see a doctor.

Health A-Z at NHS Direct

Healthy Living

The ‘Live Well’ website covers a whole range of topics from coping with hay fever to fitness assessments for you and your family. There are also tips for healthy eating, weight loss and reducing your salt intake.

Live Well

Medicines Information

If you want to know more about any of the medication you are using, what side effects it may give you or what its benefits are a comprehensive A-Z guide can be found here

This site is full of printable information leaflets, ordered alphabetically, on most medical conditions and self help groups. The website is sponsored by the NHS and the Royal College of GP’s.