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3 February 2021 - Covid Vaccination Programme Update

We are presently inviting Group 4 patients who are aged 70-74 years or who are clinically extremely vulnerable (shielding), to our vaccination centres at Petersfield Festival Hall and Forest Surgery at Bordon. If we don't get you the first time be assured we will keep trying until either,

1. We are advised you have received your vaccination, or

2. You accept the invitation or decline it.

Patients may receive a letter from NHS England inviting them to book at a mass vaccination centre or pharmacy as an alternative. We would prefer to see you but it doesn't matter where you have your vaccination as long as you have it when you are invited to do so.

Just please be aware that there are various scams circulating, you will NEVER be asked to provide any financial information by the NHS, this is a free vaccination.


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