Learning Difficulties




It is recognised that people with learning disabilities have poorer physical and mental health compared to others, and a lower life expectancy.

If you have a learning disability you can get extra support when visiting the doctor but, in order to get the very best healthcare, you do need to be on the learning disability register.

Being on this register opens up the opportunity to access more support and to have a free health check once a year.

Find out more from the Mencap website to find to see how you can get better healthcare from your GP.

When you visit the doctor, they save information about your health on the computer. This is called a Summary Care Record. This will help medical staff to make better and safer choices about how best to treat you. It’s important because you may need to be treated by a doctor or nurse who does not know you. For example if you are on holiday or if you visit a pharmacy. If you are ill, they can look at your record on the computer to find out about the medicines you take and any allergies you have.

You can also ask the doctor to put more detailed information on your Summary Care Record. This could include health problems like dementia or diabetes, details of your carer
your communication needs and what extra support you need.
This extra information will help medical staff to treat you better when you go to different health centres or hospitals. It will make sure you always get the support you need.

Ask your doctor about your Summary Care Record. They can show you what is on your record already and you can tell them what extra information you are happy to share and give permission for it to be used to get the best healthcare.